UMIYAC Congress, Mocoa, Putumayo, March, 2017

/UMIYAC Congress, Mocoa, Putumayo, March, 2017

UMIYAC Congress, Mocoa, Putumayo, March, 2017

The annual Congress of the Union of Indigenous Yagé Medics of the Colombian Amazon took place in Mocoa, Putumayo, Colombia on March 2017. More than seventy members belonging to the Siona, Cofán, Inga and Kamentsá ethnic group attended the event.

At the 2017 congress UMIYAC’s members approved a Road Map proposed by the newly elected president. The road map focuses on activities related to defense and protection of the Amazonian territories, cultural revival and preservation, indigenous political autonomy and ancestral medicine. Specific attention is given to the practice of yagé medicine.

A work plan was approved to build and consolidate a support and advocacy network with national and international organizations.


Finally the assembly agreed upon the fundraising and construction of the Amazonian Center of Indigenous Ancestral Medicine.

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